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cascadian bon vivant & your personal confidante

Meet Peyton

"The mountains, the forest, and the sea, render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human."

- Victor Hugo

To me, there is no place more beautiful in this world than the Pacific Northwest. I think of myself as a quintessential West Coast woman: effortlessly alluring with a complex depth you feel compelled to explore. Let me show you everything I possess.

I can summarize what a provide in a single word, not in a list of acronyms or a 'menu'. Authenticity. I've never been one who could fabricate and maintain a whole different personality or storyline - as Popeye best said, "I am who I am". I seek to build lasting connections with like minded individuals who value discretion above all else, and who have a deep desire to explore their inner deviances. If you enjoy lively banter + intellectual foreplay as a lead up to more carnal moments, we will surely get along both in and out of the boudoir. Consider it my version of schoolyard flirtation - playful provocation to catch your attention so that I can tempt you into far more mischievous activities.

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A woman with a sharp tongue, a salaciously sharp wit and a strong will; but, also one that possess a soft touch, a caring ear and genuinely tender affection. I've been told that I am incredibly easy to talk to, that your anxiety + nerves will melt away after the initial electricity of anticipation. I consider myself an academic soul and have spent the majority of my 20s pursuing my education and career path in nutritional health studies, which is fuelled by my passion for gastronomy and competitive strength training.

My interests are as eclectic as I am - they encompass (as well as span the gaps between) social and political current events, photography, culinary exploits, and a deep love of hockey (some may call my attachment to the Canucks a touch masochistic). Though I strive to keep myself up to date of a multitude of topics, I love nothing more than learning about your life, interests and experiences. If you allow an open mind I'm quite confident that we will get along as though we've been long lost lovers finally reunited.

Balancing playfulness with a more debaucherous side, I hope to make you feel comfortable enough to allow the humdrum of daily life to melt away during our time together. Whether you're seeking a quick escape, memorable evening or an extended respite from the world - allow me to be the woman who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

At a Glance

AGE: early 30s
HOROSCOPE: Capricorn
HEIGHT: 5'4" (163 cm)

HAIR: Dark Blonde
EYES: Pewter Blue
HERITAGE: German / Belgian

BUST: 34DD (32E UK)
WAIST: 26 in
HIPS: 38 in

DRINKING: Socially


you + me

My time devoted to the more hedonistic side of life is quite limited, it is recommended to arrange our rendezvous at least 24-48 hours in advance. I do find that anticipation truly heightens the excitement of any encounter and planning ahead assures that I am able to accommodate your preferred time. All donations are listed in Canadian funds, unless otherwise specified. Though I prefer payment in cash, I also accept Interac E-Transfer, credit cards (discreet billing) or CryptoCurrency if arranged prior to meeting - though a processing fee may be required for the latter two options.

Kindly note that all engagements over and including 3 hours in duration require some social aspect (a shared meal, cocktails, social outing, etc) and I've structured my respective fees to reflect this. For all bookings of 24 hours or longer I do expect a window of 2-3 hours solo time per day so that I may attend to personal business and interests - this allows me to devote my entire attention to you otherwise without being distracted by tedious adult commitments.

Please use the tabs below to find my various rates for different locales then proceed to my BOOKING FORM to make the inquiry process as smooth as possible!

Brief Interludes

1 HOUR $400
1.5 HOURS $550
2 HOURS $700
3 HOURS $1000
4 HOURS $1200
6 HOURS $1500

Longer Dalliances

8 HOURS $1800
12 HOURS $2500
24 HOURS $3500
36 HOURS $4400
48 HOURS $5200

à La Carte

OUTCALLS +$50-$100


(4 hours -- 2 hours social +
2 hours private)

Dinner and Dessert

To me, the best thing in life after sex is food. Let's explore Vancouver's gastronomic delights together - anything from the hole in the wall taqueria to an adventurous tasting menu. Would you prefer to stay in for dinner? I'd be delighted to prepare us a delicious, locally sourced meal before we devour each other. I absolutely adore tackling new + challenging recipes, or just perfecting old favourites (incall only).


(up to 2 hours social time)


(attending an NHL game, up to 4 hours)


(up to 2 hours private time)


Hockey and Hedonism

As many of my patrons can confirm -- I am an unabashed hockey fanatic. While my favourite team by far is the Canucks, I also consider myself a scholar and fan of the game in general and love attending any matchup. Please note that the client is to cover all costs of the evening, however I am more than happy to arrange tickets if necessary. Do you prefer to stay in and enjoy the game together in private? Not a problem -- my incall is equipped with multiple sports channels for any matchup you desire!

Brief Interludes

1 HOUR $600 SGD | $3500 HKD
1.5 HOURS $800 SGD | $4800 HKD
2 HOURS $1100 SGD | $6500 HKD
3 HOURS $1500 SGD | $8800 HKD
4 HOURS $1800 SGD | $10400 HKD
6 HOURS $2200 SGD | $13000 HKD

Longer Dalliances

8 HOURS $2600 SGD | $15400 HKD
12 HOURS $3400 SGD | $20000 HKD
24 HOURS $4200 SGD | $25000 HKD
36 HOURS $5000 SGD | $30000 HKD
48 HOURS $5600 SGD | $33000 HKD
ADDITIONAL DAY $2500 SGD | +$13000 HKD

à La Carte

OUTCALLS please inquire
SOCIAL TIME +$200 SGD | +$1200 HKD
COUPLES +$200/hr SGD | +$1200/hr HKD

Brief Interludes

1 HOUR £250 | €300
1.5 HOURS £380 | €450
2 HOURS £500 | €600
3 HOURS £650 | €750
4 HOURS £800 | €900
6 HOURS £1100 | €1300

Longer Dalliances

8 HOURS £1400 | €1600
12 HOURS £1800 | €2100
24 HOURS £2300 | €2600
36 HOURS £3800 | €3100
48 HOURS £3200 | €3600
ADDITIONAL DAY £1300 | €1500

à La Carte

OUTCALLS please inquire
SOCIAL TIME +£100 | +€150
COUPLES +£100/hr | +€150/hr

Brief Interludes

1 HOUR $500 AUD
1.5 HOURS $750 AUD
2 HOURS $900 AUD
3 HOURS $1300 AUD
4 HOURS $1600 AUD
6 HOURS $2000 AUD

Longer Dalliances

8 HOURS $2400 AUD
12 HOURS $3200 AUD
24 HOURS $4000 AUD
36 HOURS $4800 AUD
48 HOURS $5500 AUD

à La Carte

OUTCALLS please inquire
COUPLES +$200 AUD/hr

Ménage à Trois

As a true pansexual, I relish both the male + female (and everthing in between + beyond) forms. Allow myself and one (or more) of my beautiful friends to tick off a much anticipated item off your bucket list. I have amazing duet partners locally, nationally and globally; please take the time to peruse their personal websites using the slider below.

Treat yourself -- you definitely deserve to be spoiled as the focus of our undivided attention.

Sierra Wilde

Vancouver | Touring

Sabine Alexander


Penny Conors

Vancouver | Touring

Adelaide Jones


Lucia Laurent


Karina Espinosa


Priya Maha Rani

Vancouver | Victoria

Nia More

Vancouver | Toronto

Harley Stone


Alexandra Sky


Sophia Skye

International | Touring

Amber Bowen


Rose Gibson


Stella Bardot


Nichole Daylinn


Ophelia Wilde


Amber Ashton

UK | International

Risque Rebecca

Singapore | International


Let's fulfill a few bucket list items together, shall we? Here's a few destinations that I've admired from afar and would love to experience with you. I'd also love to help you explore a corner of the globe that you've lusted after and would be happy to customize a getaway for us. All packages are calculated as an inclusive rate -- accomodations, airfare and my companionship fee with flights based out of Vancouver (YVR). Travel time is considered 'off the clock' -- the durations listed do not begin until we've reached our final destination.


Weekend in Tofino

Tofino, BC
2 night stay at Wickaninnish Inn
· Surfing, whale watching, natural hot springs, hiking, relaxation ·

$5600 CAD · 2.5 days


Taco Pilgrimage

Puerto Escondito, Mexico
3 night stay at Samora Luxury Resort
· Surfing, snorkeling, taco tasting + cooking classes, boat tours ·

$8500 CAD · 4 days


La Dolce Vida

Modena, Italy
5 night stay at Premier Milano Palace
· Gastronomy, sightseeing, pasta making classes, museums, theatre ·

$12000 CAD - 5 nights


Las Islas Galápagos

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
5 night stay at Red Mangrove Eco-Hotel
· Snorkeling, hiking, guided ocean + nature tours, sightseeing, beach retreats ·

$15000 CAD - 5 nights


Tropical Respite

Nadi, Fiji
7 night stay at Denarau Island Resort
· Snorkeling, surfing, boating, hiking, guided tours, beach retreats, sightseeing, relaxation ·

$18000 CAD - 7 nights


I'm a huge @PacificParamour fan and these shots only heighten that. Sensual, sensitive and sooooo seductive. Even in the flat screen only world of twitter some people give you the vibe that they are very special and Peyton does that for me.


"Full disclosure: she was my first SP experience. Also part of my first duo experience. Headliners in my hobby trophy case. Fast forward to Monday. Expectations were met and exceeded. I left with a stupid smile on my face. Gentlemen, pay attention to this one."

"Peyton is an amazing person from the moment you begin contacting her. She is funny, smart, witty, and a bit sarcastic, wonderful personality. Most importantly, she is genuine, and will show you that you're a wonderful person deserving of her time."

"[She] is confusing in the best of ways. Stunningly beautiful, intelligent and can cook like a mofo. No redblooded guy even has a chance, [she] has all the ways into his heart and soul covered."


"Well spoken, you can tell she's a university girl, with a great sense of humour and a nice laugh."

"... She is beautiful as well. She has a killer smile, soft eyes, and a curvy body."

""We laid there on the bed and continued our conversation. I'm sure we could have talked for hours. Can't wait to see her again.""


Please arrive with the donation pre-counted in an unsealed envelope. You may give the donation directly to me upon arrival, or place it in plain sight within the first few minutes of meeting. Having to ask for it makes me rather uncomfortable and - in my opinion - sullies the mood.

I do understand that life gets in the way of pleasure occasionally. If you must cancel or reschedule our engagement, please do so as soon as possible. Please respect my time as I respect yours, those who no-show for a rendezvous will not be given the opportunity to re-book in the future.

Please respect my boundaries during our meeting. All compensation is for my time, and I require a safe and comfortable environment. I reserve the right to terminate our session at anytime without a refund if said boundaries are compromised in any way.

As an individual that values discretion and respect beyond all else, I do promise that your commmunications are exclusively with myself. I do not use the services of a booking agent or agency. All personal information given is for verification only and may be destroyed after that process at your request.

Though I am not a clock watcher, I do expect that as a respectful individual you will adhere to the time allotment that you have booked. I do follow security measures with outside parties so please allow for me to notify them in the circumstance that you choose to extend our session.

Please exercise discretion when arriving and leaving my incall space. I do require each visitor to buzz the intercom (with the information given at the time of confirmation), please do not just enter the building after another individual. If you are so kind as to purchase a gift, I request that you bring it in a non-descript bag or packaging so as not to draw attention to yourself.

There's an old adage that says "cleanliness is next to Godliness." Please take the opportunity to use my facilities if you have not have the chance to freshen up within the last hour. My bathroom is stocked with fresh towels, numerous toiletries and mouthwash. I will always be freshly showered and groomed upon your visit and merely expect the same consideration in return.

I am open-minded and accepting towards all people, however I find that my company is generally best suited towards individuals between the ages of 25 and 65. All I expect of my clients is that they treat me with respect and are polite, I do not discriminate against race, gender, disability or profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

While I value your personal discretion, screening is necessary to arrange an encounter with me. I offer a multitude of options ranging from provider references to personal identity verification so that you may choose a route that suits you best. Screening is a non-negotiable safety practice that just assures me that you are a reliable and honest individual and I am at no personal risk by choosing to get together. All information provided for verification purposes will be destroyed after processing and I am the only person that will ever see it. If you choose not to proceed with screening, I respect your choice but regretfully have to decline any requests to meet until said information is provided. I do provide clear methods of screening in my CONTACT SECTION to make the whole process much easier.

As my dalliances in the demimonde are a purely part time gratification, deposits just affirm that you are committed to keeping our date (barring any apocalyptic circumstances). Deposits merely cover the bottom line costs of my time or expenses to ensure that I am not having to pay out of pocket on cancellations. In the unlikely event I have to cancel our rendezvous, I will return your deposit in full within 72 hours or you may choose to roll it over to a future date. I offer an array of payment options to a nondescript and unlisted email so as to respect your personal privacy. While I am sympathetic to adult obligations occasionally complicating our escapades, deposits may not be refundable if you've cancelled within a certain time frame. Please see my helpful chart below to clear up any confusions:

Vancouver ⇢ Minimum 25% deposit required for all bookings over 3 hours - non-refundable or transferable if cancelled within 24 hours prior

Canadawide ⇢ Minimum 25% deposit is required for ALL BOOKINGS - non-refundable or transferable if cancelled within 36 hours prior

Internationally ⇢ Minimum 50% deposit for engagements less than 2 hours in duration, or 25% for 2+ hours - non-refundable or transferable if cancelled within 72 hours prior

Fly Me To You ⇢ Minimum 50% deposit of my fee and all travel expenses must be paid at time of booking - travel expenses are not refundable in the event of cancellation as they will be put towards airline/hotel cancellation fees. Personal deposit is non-refundable or transferable within 72 hours prior.

While I do not hold any opinions on those that advertise a menu of services, I personally cannot quantify what I offer in terms of a list of acronyms or alphabet soup. Polite inquiries are welcomed, however overly graphic checklists of services will not be answered. I assure you that I always strive to make our encounter the most mutually enjoyable for both you and I. As an individual that values health, safety and discretion above all else I will not partake in any activities that compromise my or your personal well-being. Please kindy remember that all compensation is for my time as a companion, I do not discuss explicit services beyond what that entails.

Unforuntely, I do not. While I hold the utmost respect and reverence for those who provide these types of sessions, I am admittedly a terrible actress and fairly inexperienced in the fetish and BDSM realms. Since I value your energy and generosity when choosing to see companions, I cannot in good faith accept payment for an request I am not 100% sure I can fulfill. I am more than happy to refer you to a select group of providers that I trust who do offer these engagements should you request them.

Absolutely - I would adore sharing a special evening with you and your beloved! As a true pansexual, I thoroughly enjoy entertaining individuals of any gender identity and am quite proficient at multitasking. I do require both parties to partake in the screening process to ensure that there are no issues that will arise during our rendezvous. While the theory of surprising your partner with a third party may seem like a fun and spontaneous decision, I will not participate in these types of escapades as there is substantial risks on both sides. For all couples engagements I do set aside an additional 15 minutes prior to our private encounter to discuss boundaries and concerns so that we can fully relish our memorable time together.

I am open to outfit requests within reason. While I do have the majority of the pieces displayed in my current photo sets, I cannot always promise that I have them on hand (especially during tours). If you have a preference of colour, shoe or style of lingerie please do not hesitate to let me know - however I do not accept overly detailed requests as I find them slightly offputting, especially in first time meetings. My patrons can attest that I always put a lot of effort into my appearance before meeting and I'm quite sure you will not be disappointed. In the chance I do not own a piece that you really would like to see me in, please feel free to purchase it prior to our rendezvous and bring it along (though I do ask that you inquire about sizing beforehand - all companies vary in their measurements), I will be happy to slip away to change into it!

In short, no. I do understand the benefit of reviews from a client perspective to assure you that you’re choosing the right provider, however as a companion that has many accolades over the past 5 or so years I find that they are no longer helpful on my behalf. Due to this, I have enacted a strict “No Review” policy as of January 2020. As travel is a massive passion of mine, I would be broken hearted to lose the ability to enter a country due to explicit recounts of – what I consider, private – encounters being publicly accessible on the Internet. If you need a glimpse into my personality before choosing to send a booking inquiry, feel free to peruse my Twitter — @PacificParamour.


life's little pleasures

While the best gift you could honestly give me is a return visit, I am often asked as to what I'd like to receive as something a little extra. Below are a few of my favourite things, however you can also visit my ONLINE WISHLIST for more specific and personalized gifts.


As an individual that prioritizes discretion and privacy, I do understand that screening may give you pause. However, I also value my personal safety equally and screening is the best method in which to ensure our mutual safety. All information provided is for verification only and will be destroyed immediately after I've confirmed your identity -- I will never share it with other companions or parties.

You can be assured that my eyes are the only ones that will see your personal details as I do not employ the services of an assistant or booking agent. Screening is only mandatory for our first encounter, unless we had met before 2016 as my older emails have been deactivated. Thank you in advance for your understanding and please take the time to review the many verification options I offer below.

Provider References

I am happy to accept a from an independent companion; however, unfortunately due to issues in the past, I cannot accept references from agencies. Preferably you have seen this provider in the last 6 months, but I will accept referrals from within the past year. Please supply their website (or ad link if they do not have one) in addition to their contact info -- references with only email listed will not be accepted. Note: for all FMTY requests I do require at least two (2) references of which one engagement must have been longer than 2 hours in duration.

Contact Form

Most of these methods are available to fill out on my comprehensive CONTACT FORM to expedite the screening process. All information processed through my Contact Form is automatically destroyed after 10 calendar days, though I am happy to manually delete the request sooner if that is your preference. All ID images sent through this method are expunged from the server immediately after verification and are not stored on any database.


I am able to verify your identity through your LinkedIn profile through a nondescript and private business account that is not tied to the moniker. Your profile must be active and contain a clear profile photo for me to accept this method. Verification is done by sending a vague message to your mailbox for you to confirm back. Please provide the direct link in your initial correspondance as I will not proceed with the authentication process without it.

Employment Verification

You must provide an image of your business card/ID (or a link to the company website, on which there is a profile for your position and name) along with your email that is directly affliated with the company. I will send a non-descript email (which may end up in the spam folder so it is imperitive to check) from my unaffliated business email that you can quickly confirm with a short reply. Alternatively, you may also provide a phone number and applicable extension (the advertised company number must match the one provided) and we may schedule a quick phone call in which you may request what is said to protect your privacy.


If you have an existing PREFERRED411 account, please feel free to use it as your primary form of verification. As per their stipulations, you must send a screening request to MY PROFILE to proceed. If your account has been inactive for over 12 months, I unfortunately cannot accept this method. Additionally, you must have at least two (2) okays from active providers listed.
Please note, I do not accept other forum or board handles as substitutes for screening.

Government ID

This option is available to those who haven't any (or recent) references or other employment verification methods. Please take a clear photo of yourself holding your valid Government issued (driver's license, provincial identity card, passport) next to your face. Your name, photo and date of birth must be clearly visible but I encourage you to obscure the address and ID number as they are not necessary for me to see. My website and email are both hosted on encrypted and overseas servers, but the image will be immediately + permanently deleted after authentication. While I do accept this method, it is my least preferred option.